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Meet Sonata, the music toy that helps children ages 4-9 develop lifelong skills through sensory play.
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A musical, skill-building experience
Fine Motor
Textured spinning dials and clicky buttons satisfy the developing mind's need for tactile play.
Creative Thinking
Music lights up the brain, building lifelong pathways that help kids become flexible, resilient adults.
Emotional Regulation
Flashcards harness the power of music, helping kids calm themselves, focus, and express feelings.
"Executive function skills help us plan, focus attention, switch gears, and juggle multiple tasks... Their strength is critical to healthy development throughout childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood."

-Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University
Sonata Explorer 1

The sensory toy that engages kids with the language of music. Sonata stimulates the auditory, tactile, and visual senses for an immersive learning experience that grows with the child.
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