2023 BEYA STEM Conference Awardees

Textron is proud to sponsor this year’s Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) STEM Conference, an organization developed to recognize the exemplary work of Black STEM experts for their achievements in their industries.

This year, BEYA is awarding five Textron employees – Derek Settles, Dedrick Davison, Joshua Bosire, Tony Kirk, and Kindra Porter – for their industry-altering advancements and achievements. Textron is proud of our employees’ outstanding work and recognition as leaders in their industry.

For 37 years, the BEYA STEM community has grown to include 10,000 members, ranging from students K-12 and college to corporate, government, military, business, and industry professionals. 

Textron is dedicated to continuing to increase diverse representation throughout our workplaces to create a more engaged and inclusive workforce. 

Meet the Awardees 

Joshua Bosire: “I strive to enrich the community I serve through mentorship program, reaching out and elevating the children & the youth, and while I do this, am always trying to elevate them and encourage them to reach for the stars.”

Dedrick Davison: “It was my family’s response that touched me most – my wife and kids were in awe. I got the “Wow dad, I didn’t know you did “thaaaat” much at work!” 

Derek Settles: “I have never preoccupied myself with the concept of ‘look what I have done.’ I am committed to the development and the success of others…my family, my friends, my colleagues, and my team. To me, that is what matters the most.”

Tony Kirk: “I am thankful to be reminded that work I do is meaningfull and well received by my peers, both internally and externally.”

Kindra Porter: “My hope is that the generations to come are inspired through my lived experiences and my life lessons which are overcoming obstacles, caring for others, and embracing all that life can offer in the STEM world.”