Building the Best

Our people design and build some of the most advanced technologies and products the world has ever seen. We rely on our teams to work collaboratively and be creative to produce aircraft, military equipment, fuel tanks, engines, recreational and utility vehicles.

Welding, quality control, assembly and finishing are in high demand, and we want you. As a manufacturing employee you will have the opportunity to work on the variety of ground-breaking products we create, with support to grow and develop different skill-sets. Join us as we strive to push boundaries and exceed expectations.

Textron has opportunities in 35 different cities
Textron has locations in over 25 countries

  • Citation Longitude; How it’s Built

    Superior design, engineering and craftsmanship all meet on the factory floor, where the Longitude comes to life. Check out this video to see the cutting-edge manufacturing needed to construct Textron Aviation’s Citation Longitude.