Achiever Awards

Across the enterprise, our Textron employees have been working hard to achieve the goals of creating safe workplaces, healthy employees, resilient facilities, and a sustainable footprint. These are all part of Textron’s Achieve 2025 initiative, a 5-year plan to increase overall health and well-being for our employees and the environment. 

Each quarter, our businesses recognize an employee or team that has gone above and beyond in helping achieve one of these four goals. Here are the recipients of our Achiever Awards for this past quarter:

Safe Workplaces

Meghan Beat, Communications Business Partner, Textron Aviation

Meghan is a champion of safe work environments for all employees and continuously increases employee engagement. She takes a genuine interest in programs and safety initiatives that EHS introduces to the business. Although Megan is not part of the EHS team, through her role in communications she brings ideas to the forefront that support the growth of a strong safety culture. Meghan’s support, ideas and feedback has assured that Aviation can push safety programs broadly, timely, and in a highly organized manner. Meghan always operates with the mindset of how to make facilities safer for all involved.

Healthy Employees

Matthew Jones, Head Chef, Edgar’s Hospitality Group (food service contractor at TSV Augusta)

Meredith Brown, Sr Facilities Engineer, TSV Augusta

Matthew and Meredith ushered in a new era of healthy eating and delivery of food options at the Augusta E-Z-GO café. Chef Matthew worked to revamp Augusta's menu to align with the Textron nutrition guidelines, and also led promotional efforts to engage employees. Meredith contributed to the success of the team in creating the future state food service program from a facilities standpoint, and coordinated efforts and infrastructure needed to deliver healthy eating options at the E-Z-GO café.

Sustainable Footprint

Landon VanOrd, Sr Environmental Analyst, Lycoming

Landon demonstrated significant contributions to the success of several teams, where he led Lycoming's plating decommission project from an environmental standpoint. In decommissioning the plating line, hazardous waste, water consumption, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions were all reduced. Furthermore, Landon worked on additional sustainability projects including a boiler replacement, fluorescent to LED light replacements, and installing motion sensors for restroom lighting. Landon is a key driver of Textron's Achieve 2025 initiatives at Lycoming.

Resilient Facilities 

Rohan Martis, Director of Operations KGJ, Kautex Ahmedabad

Dheeraj Vaish, Sr Manager EHS & Supplier Development, Kautex Ahmedabad

Rohan and Dheeraj are being recognized for their efforts in increasing Kautex Ahmedabad's resilient facilities efforts and increasing employee engagement. Rohan and Dheeraj led the facility from a quartile 4 risk facility (highest risk) to a quartile 2 risk facility (second lowest risk), increased the facility's FM Global RiskMark Score from a 39 at the baseline 2019 year to the current RiskMark Score of 74, and increased the facility's FM Global Percent Potential from 40% at the baseline 2019 year to the current Percent Potential of 89%. Rohan and Dheeraj made this possible by diligently following FM Global guidelines and closing out open risk recommendations. Furthermore, the duo held fire response training and a mock fire drill to engage employees with the resilient facilities efforts as well.  Some closing remarks from Rohan, “I would like to recognize that no one or two people can fully drive this kind of progress with Achieve 2025, to make our goals happen, it requires an entire team’s effort.”