Textron Recognizes SASE Award Winners

Textron was proud to sponsor the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) Conference, which took place from October 5-8, 2022.

As a company invested in creating the best and most innovative products in the aerospace, industrial and defense industries, we understand the importance of having an immensely talented workforce that brings their own personal and diverse experiences to work every day. It is through diversity of thought and collaboration that we strengthen our creativity and innovation. Our work would not be achievable without the dedication of our amazing engineers across our businesses.

This year, SASE has recognized seven of our employees for their outstanding work and achievements in engineering. Here are our award winners:

Christopher Hladky, cyber security engineer at Textron Systems: “Working at Textron Systems allows me to maintain the connection and contributions to our Armed Services. This is a unique award that combines two very rewarding aspects of my career, and it means a lot to be recognized.”

Christopher has been awarded the SASE Salutes Professional Service Award for serving in the Marine Corps before his time at Textron. As a cyber security engineer, Christopher ensures that systems are authorized, as well as integrates and assesses security measures in Textron’s products.

Charles Le, mechanical engineer at Textron Aviation: “If there’s any advice I could share, it is the advice I got from my uncle many years ago, who is also an engineer. And that is, you don’t have time to look back; always focused ahead of you.”

Charles has been awarded with the Service Impact Award. Charles works on a design team that contributes skills and knowledge to help develop new Aviation products. He is proud to work with such an amazing team, of the products he has helped create, and for receiving this award.

Mohammad Ali, principal engineer at Bell: “The path to success is long and difficult but you have to stay on it… Most important is stay humble no matter what you achieve because as a wise man puts it, ‘The mistake that made you humble is better than the achievement that made you arrogant."

Mohammad has been awarded with the SASE Salutes Military Professional Service Award.  As a lead engineer, Mohammad works on integrating new technology into Bell’s products, project management, analyzing cyber security, and more. He is proud and honored to receive this award, and he feels grateful to work in an industry where he is passionate about his work and the company’s success.

Utsav Panchamia, manager of engineering battery systems at Kautex: “A great aspect of working at Kautex in particular is the fast-paced challenge of venturing into a new product, with the automotive industry being on the cusp of a generational change.”

Utsav has been awarded with the SASE Achievement – Promising Professionals Award. He enjoys working in an industry focused on innovation and collaboration to create amazing new products in the automotive industry, and he is proud to represent the Asian workforce in engineering. Utsav is excited for the opportunities and successes awaiting his own career and Kautex in the future.

Alvin Mathew, senior HRIS data specialist at Bell: “The flexibility to attend to take care of personal matters if necessary and the encouragement to come up with my own ideas and to provide input to the team is very important to me. I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that they will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities.”

Alvin has been awarded for Technical/Business/Research Achievement. As a senior HRIS data specialist, Alvin works on coding, managing and deploying projects, and working with key stakeholders to ensure quality expectations are met. He is proud to be recognized by the Bell and SASE community, as well as his own personal growth since beginning with Textron.

Susan Chen, digital design engineer at Textron Systems: “I appreciate that my managers and team leads try their best to engage with and develop the talents of early career engineers like me.”

Susan has been awarded the SASE Achievement Award – Promising Professional. As a digital design engineer, her day-to-day responsibilities are constantly changing, between conducting research, drawing schematics, or running experiments. Susan is grateful to work with such a great team and to be recognized by her managers, as well as scientists and engineers in the SASE community.

Nathan Wu, manager of performance integrated product team (IPT) engineering at Bell: “It’s an honor to be recognized for my career achievements and encouraging to see Bell and Textron work to foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by engaging with organizations like SASE to grow and develop our talent pool.”

Nathan has been awarded the Professional Achievement Award. He works with his team of engineers to track and analyze various components of Bell’s aircrafts to ensure performance objectives. Nathan is excited for Bell’s future and to be part of developing cutting edge technology while helping others grow in their careers.